Saturday, September 5, 2009

I was asked to post on UVU theatre department's website about Charlotte's Web. I'm in it, and it opens September 17. Also, it's amazing, and I really think you should come and see it! Here is my post:

Christopher Clark told us at our first cast meeting that Charlotte's Web "isn't a dumb kid's show," and I wrote that at the very top of the first page of my script. As we've rehearsed I've continued to think about that. This isn't a dumb kid's show. Sure, the story is known as a children's story, but the way it's told is so unchildlike, and the experiences within the story are things that everyone, both child and adult, can experience: incredible friendship, hard work, happiness, loss of a dear friend, etc. In fact, the main reason why I'm so excited for this production is because of how much it means, and will mean to so many people. Whether they know the story, love the story, or don't know the story at all, everyone can relate to something in it. The entire cast has worked so hard to be able to produce this amazing experience on stage, and I can't to share it with everyone.

Last night, as I was getting ready for a scene, one of Wilbur's lines hit me and really sank into me. I don't remember his line exactly, but he was yelling at Templeton for being inconsiderate to him and also towards Charlotte's dire situation. Now, this is my personal take on his line, but he says something about how it doesn't matter how long you live, but how you live. Wilbur assures both himself and Templeton that he, Wilbur, has lived a good life, and that he is happy. As I was walking towards my entrance location I thought, "Wilbur is less than a year old. What has he experienced to make himself so happy and fulfilled in such a short time?" Then I thought about his friendship with Charlotte, Fern, the farm animals and others. They trust eachother, are dedicated to serving eachother, and love eachother. Thinking about good friendships and relationships that I have, or have had, I realized/remembered that that's what made them so meaningful, and made me so happy. Trust, dedication, and love. This production portrays these traits (and so many others) that are so valuable and meaningful to everyone.

I love this show. I love this story. I'm so glad that I'm a part of this production; part of this experience. Come and see. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Forever and ever

I have a friend of the Book of Faces. She recently posted a picture of her grandparents at their 70th Wedding Anniversary. "That's right, 70 years." She probably has no idea how AMAZING I seriously think that is, and how grateful I am that she posted that picture. Her grandparents look SO happy. Yes, they look tired as well, but so happy.

I'm getting sealed to Emily on Friday. This Friday. I cannot believe that it's here already. We will be married and become husband and wife forever and ever. I believe in that and want it with all that I am; it makes me so happy just thinking about it. My friend's grandparents have gone through 70 years and they will probably go on even longer. Forever and ever even. Emily and I will do the same.

Family is amazing. Once upon a time, my Grandma Mari Bell recorded herself reading a book to her grandchildren as she was serving a mission with my Grandpa. It was a book about how the Bats became the 'outcast' animal, or something like that, because they couldn't choose between the animals or the birds, which made both sides, the animals and the birds, hate them, and thus, the Bats are now all by themselves... Anyway, after she read the book to us she testified about how important it is to choose a side, "either the Lord's side, or the Devil's," and how when we choose the Lord's side, we can all be together, as family, forever and ever. "That is our strongest, most deepest desire, to be with all of you." And that is my strongest, most deepest desire. To be with my family forever and ever. To be with Emily forever and ever.

Friday is going to be a good day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Happy And So Right

It seems like everytime I have a desire to blog about something, I go to write a new post and I have no idea what I want to write anymore. None. I wonder why that is. Maybe I'm not creative enough. And, everytime I've posted something (all of two times, including this time) I think of the movie "You've Got Mail." But anyway, here I am at work, behind the counter in the gift shop of Seven Peaks, when I probably shouldn't even be writing this, but the gift shop is as clean as it can be (well I could probably vacuum, but I still have four hours ahead of me to do that) and the work is pretty slow. So as the wind blows the smell of frying burgers and seasoned fries through the door, and as I listen to people squeeling and screaming as they go down The Boomernag, I feel just fine about blogging. Good. And now I know what I want to write.

I'm getting married in 14 days. In a couple of hours it will be only 13 days. That's basically like, tomorrow, right? It feels like just yesterday we had 100 days to go and were thinking how far away it felt. But it's not far away at all now.

I'm so excited to marry Emily. Everything has worked out and is working out and I have the strongest feeling that everything will work out so well. I'm very thankful, and very happy.

Two days ago I was working the same shift that I am now in the gift shop during an exclusive party event, and it was SO slow and SO boring. I had nothing to do because my real computer was broken so I found a piece of scratch paper and wrote a random journal entry. I haven't written a single thing in my real journal since I moved to Provo. I remember exactly: sitting on my new bed (well, new to me) and opening up not new journal after I had mostly unpacked my not new things on the first day in my new (to me) apartment. It was actually just before I went to hang out with Emily I believe. It felt good writing in my journal then, and it felt good writing in my 'journal' on Tuesday. I mostly wrote about Emily. (She wants to read it, but hasn't yet. She'll love it.)

You know, I'm constantly thinking about how I should and need to write in my journal more often. It shouldn't be so hard if it feels so good, right? I'll do it. Be more like Emily.

I never really pictured myself getting married. I mean, I've always known that I will get married eventually, and I've always wanted to get married. I guess I just didn't it expect it come so fast. However, now that I am getting married, I'm so happy and it feels so right. I know that it's right. And it's real. This is what I need to do and what I'm meant to do. And I love it. I can't even picture myself going on without doing it. Obviously those feelings of not seeing myself getting married are from someone that doesn't want me to do what is making me so happy, and what is so right. Too bad. Because I'm going to. In 14 days (almost 13).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogged for the Very First Time

So basically... this is my very first blog. Ever. Even.

A favorite line from That Thing You Do just came to mind:
"I.... I quit... I quit... I quit... I quit, Mr. White."
You know that part at they very end? When everyone is in the recording studio, and the band is kind of falling apart, and Jimmy comes up with this 'new song,' saying that he wants to do his own thing? Jimmy is such a JERK. Especially in the last couple of minutes. But I love this line; his big, cheesy grin, the crisp snapping of his fingers, Tom Hanks' look of disgust/confusion. Ha! Love it.

Well, I just quit my job today. What? Yes. The job the I just started on Tuesday. I know, right? Two full days of it and I couldn't take it anymore. I went in before my scheduled shift this morning to talk to my boss and to be polite and everything, telling him that I was quitting... but he wasn't there yet. So I left and went to donate plasma, which, to tell you the truth, I feel WAY better doing than going to work. I'm just glad that it's over with. It was fun while it lasted... no, never mind. It wasn't very fun. But in those two, not so fun days at work I have learned that I just don't like having to work over the phone the whole day. Don't like it. I would much rather see people, and talk to them face to face. Ah! I can't wait until I'm done with school and get to teach kids, see their faces, and have fun with them all day long! Well, I guess that I can wait because I love school right now.

But I just don't want to have to go through jobs that I don't enjoy and don't feel comfortable doing until the times comes when I can actually do the job that I want to do. So I'm not going to go through them. No.

So, once again, I resume my position of the last few weeks: looking for a job. My job. One that I want to do, that I'm comfortable with. One where I can interact with people. Who knew it would be so though?