Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogged for the Very First Time

So basically... this is my very first blog. Ever. Even.

A favorite line from That Thing You Do just came to mind:
"I.... I quit... I quit... I quit... I quit, Mr. White."
You know that part at they very end? When everyone is in the recording studio, and the band is kind of falling apart, and Jimmy comes up with this 'new song,' saying that he wants to do his own thing? Jimmy is such a JERK. Especially in the last couple of minutes. But I love this line; his big, cheesy grin, the crisp snapping of his fingers, Tom Hanks' look of disgust/confusion. Ha! Love it.

Well, I just quit my job today. What? Yes. The job the I just started on Tuesday. I know, right? Two full days of it and I couldn't take it anymore. I went in before my scheduled shift this morning to talk to my boss and to be polite and everything, telling him that I was quitting... but he wasn't there yet. So I left and went to donate plasma, which, to tell you the truth, I feel WAY better doing than going to work. I'm just glad that it's over with. It was fun while it lasted... no, never mind. It wasn't very fun. But in those two, not so fun days at work I have learned that I just don't like having to work over the phone the whole day. Don't like it. I would much rather see people, and talk to them face to face. Ah! I can't wait until I'm done with school and get to teach kids, see their faces, and have fun with them all day long! Well, I guess that I can wait because I love school right now.

But I just don't want to have to go through jobs that I don't enjoy and don't feel comfortable doing until the times comes when I can actually do the job that I want to do. So I'm not going to go through them. No.

So, once again, I resume my position of the last few weeks: looking for a job. My job. One that I want to do, that I'm comfortable with. One where I can interact with people. Who knew it would be so though?