Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adventures in the Night

Huh? What? I haven't posted for more than a year? I don't know what you're talking about.

I know that this post's title may seem raunchy to some people... if that's t your case, then I apologize ahead of time. No raunchy... in this post.

The other night was a first. I sleepwalked. In my memory, I've never sleepwalked before. All that I can actually remember is kneeling down in front of Emily's side of the closet, FRANTICALLY SEARCHING THROUGH HER SHOES. That's right. I don't know remember why, but I was looking for one of her shoes that I was positive HAD A MICROCHIP PLACED IN IT; according to Emily, I called it a 'coin.' WHA--? I have no memory of what I was dreaming that had led me to look for this shoe, or why there was some kind of a chip inside a shoe, or why I was even looking for it. But that's what I was doing. Ok.

I must have woken Emily up, either by turning on the lamp at my bedside table or asking her where it was, because I'm pretty sure that her trying to calm  me down was what brought me to full consciousness. Well, somewhat of a  full consciousness. I think I had said, "I know it's here - I'm just trying to find it," and then stopped and starred at her shoes for a while. It was only after I realized that I had NO IDEA what I was doing that I slowly got back into bed and went back to sleep. Doo doo doo...

But really, what the hull?

At first I was really scared by it. Thought I was crazy for not realizing what I was doing until I was deep "in the act." But after thinking about it further... I want to sleepwalk more! Call me crazy, but this a whole new world of sleeping that I've never even experienced before! I've been missing OUT! I mean, I could be going on some crazy BAD-A** adventures: beating all sorts of Wii games, chasing Trevor Cat (SOON, thankfully!) and... yeah, stuff like that!! Right?!

Sleepwalking 101: SIGN ME UP!