Friday, January 6, 2012

What I like.

I'm not usually one to really make New Year's Resolutions. I just don't ever get around to making them, and if I do I rarely follow through. But that is going to change this year! This year I am going to blog every week! Emily tells me I need to write in my journal more (because I don't at all) and she's right. I do need to. But I don't like writing. Like, writing with a pen and paper. When I write, with a pen and paper, I can really get into it at first and then I start pressing really hard and then my hand gets tired and then I can only concentrate on my hand hurting and then I stop writing. So instead of writing in my journal, I am going to blog. Yeah? I will blog every week - maybe once, maybe more. And they don't have to be long entries. They can and will be anything: what I'm up to, what's on my mind, quotes I like (But I promise I'll actually know what the quote means; I won't just google "quotes on being happy" and then post something that I have no attachment to other than simply liking it. I mean, not that that's bad, if you do that, but I won't. At least, I'll try not to.), rantings and ravings about RuPaul's Drag Race (season 4 starts in 24 days!!!!), maybe even my latest craft made from my Silhouette machine (Yes. Sometimes I "craft." Silhouette.). I'm excited. 

Today I would like to talk about what I like. 

I like my life. I know that's a pretty broad statement but I truly do like my life. I like it a lot.  It isn't perfect, it isn't always glamorous (I say always because it really is pretty glamorous occasionally), and it seems like we're always just scraping by. But my life is fun. Really fun. And I wouldn't have it any other way. (I know that everything else I say is all just part of this "like," but just go along with me.)

I really really RILLY like my wife. She is the best girl that I know, and I'm sure that even if I knew all the girls I would still think that she is best. Because she is. Things aren't the easiest right now but even still, she is so strong. She doesn't always think she is, but she  is. She is amazing because she keeps going. Winston Churchill said, "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." She probably doesn't think that she's very enthusiastic but I think she is. She is because she does keep going, she does do everything she can to make things work. She loves me. And she loves our cats. She is the best girl. PS- She is in a really cool play right now at Hale in West Valley. It's a really fun and NEW murder mystery comedy. But tough luck gittin' tickits cuz it's already all sold out! Thaz righ'!

I really like our cats. Yes. Emily and I have cats. If you know anything about anything about us, you know that we have cats. Two of them.  Their names are Trevor and Lucille 2. They are the cutest, funnniest, most best cats that ever lived. They really are! Most of time. I'm sure I will blog about them later, and probably a lot, so get used to it. Hello. My name is Ames. I am a cat person. 

I really like my family. Even though we are kind of all over the place and even though I don't see all of them too often or talk to them nearly as much as I should, I like them a whole lot. They are the reason I am who I am and I'm very grateful for all of them. 

I like my job. I work for this really cool company called Silhouette America. The company manufactures this super nifty and extremely handy crafting-cutting machine. It is so so cool. I have one at home and I use much more frequently then I thought I ever would. It became especially handy for a Stage and Screen Design class that I took (and ACED) this last semester. I'm a customer/technical support rep, so I talk to people (mostly middle-aged women from the South (No offense to them, I love them most of them)) every afternoon for 4 or 5 hours and help them with all kinds of things. It's actually pretty fun, and it's a great company!

I like school. Do I want to be done with school? Yes. But I like it. At least, I keep telling myself that I do. Maybe it's just that I like being lazy. That's probably it. I really like being lazy, but that has bitten me in my tooched booty way too hard recently and I'm getting over it. I'm learning how to be pretty good at school and I'm really starting to like it. I mean, I never really HATED school or anything, it was just a kind of a nuisance. I'm getting over that, too. It has taken me forever but I'm almost finished with all of my G.E.'s and can almost start taking my Education courses. Yeah, that means that I still have a while but it also means that I'm that much closer to being done!

This isn't the extent of things that I like. I like a lot of things but I can write about them later.


  1. I RILLY like you too, babe. And the cats. And the family. And the life.

  2. I really like you too, Ames. Thanks for this blog!! I really like it too!