Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Forever and ever

I have a friend of the Book of Faces. She recently posted a picture of her grandparents at their 70th Wedding Anniversary. "That's right, 70 years." She probably has no idea how AMAZING I seriously think that is, and how grateful I am that she posted that picture. Her grandparents look SO happy. Yes, they look tired as well, but so happy.

I'm getting sealed to Emily on Friday. This Friday. I cannot believe that it's here already. We will be married and become husband and wife forever and ever. I believe in that and want it with all that I am; it makes me so happy just thinking about it. My friend's grandparents have gone through 70 years and they will probably go on even longer. Forever and ever even. Emily and I will do the same.

Family is amazing. Once upon a time, my Grandma Mari Bell recorded herself reading a book to her grandchildren as she was serving a mission with my Grandpa. It was a book about how the Bats became the 'outcast' animal, or something like that, because they couldn't choose between the animals or the birds, which made both sides, the animals and the birds, hate them, and thus, the Bats are now all by themselves... Anyway, after she read the book to us she testified about how important it is to choose a side, "either the Lord's side, or the Devil's," and how when we choose the Lord's side, we can all be together, as family, forever and ever. "That is our strongest, most deepest desire, to be with all of you." And that is my strongest, most deepest desire. To be with my family forever and ever. To be with Emily forever and ever.

Friday is going to be a good day.

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  1. it was an amazing day!! I loved this post, Amesie. Very good job!